[NABS-L] NABS-L Digest, Vol 164, Issue 23

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Sun Jun 28 12:35:33 UTC 2020

Hi Jorge,

So first I would say, figure out which training center you want to go to. Call the director and tell them that you would like to attend training there. I’ll be attending LCB soon and like Lakeria said, if you call Pam, she will be more then happy to help and talk with you VR agency. She may also know who you can contact in the Florida affiliate to help you with this case.  You also want to have a justification letter on why you want to attend an NFB training center. What skills you like obtain and why the Florida training center is not a good fit for you. For example, I’m from Maryland and they have a state training center here which I attend for three months during the summer a few years ago. It wasn’t horrible but I’ve lived in Maryland my whole life and it’s a comfort zone for me and I wanted to go somewhere that would really challenge me. You also want to make sure that it when you finish your letter that it goes back to you employment goal that’s in your IPE. If LCB is not where you are planning on going, I’m sure that CCB and Blind Inc directors will be happy to help you navigate your justification letter. Lastly, fill out an application anyways where you want to go so they know you are interested. Wishing you the best in this journey. It’s tough but you’ll get through it! 

Erin Daring,
Vice President,
Maryland Association of Blind Students

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