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Joy Relton jrelton at verizon.net
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Hi Joanie,

Welcome to the list and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your pup.

My name is Joy and I am currently working with my fourth Seeing Eye Dog
Belle who is a yellow lab. She is my third lab and they have allbeen too
interested in food. The gentle lead helps Belle as well but she doesn't
like it. It's funny, I can bring it out and warn her once and will often
find that her behavior is sufficiently curbed so that I don't have to
put it on her. She knows that I will do so, though and I'm sure that is
a big part of its affect. Belle and I have been working together for
over six and-a-half years and she's a love. Labs have a wonderful
disposition that makes working with them a lot of fun. I hope that you
and your dog have a wonderful Holiday filled with love and memories.

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Hi all,
First, I want to wish you and your dogs a very Happy Thanksgiving! My
name is Joanie Delzer and I live in Vancouver, Washington. My guide dog
Dessie and I have been together for five years and two months. We
graduated from GDB's Oregon campus in October of '04. Miss Dessie is a
yellow lab and she's still very eneergetic and she loves to work. She
has an ongoing obsession with food, but other than that, she is an
awesome guide. Actually the food obsession is controlled when she wears
the Gentle Leader.
Take care. Joanie Delzer
joaniemarie at earthlink.net
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