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Susan Jones sblanjones11 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 2 18:45:09 UTC 2009

I have a nice leather purse with a long handle, goes over my head, left
shoulder, hangs on right.  Works just fine for me working with Rhoda.
Sorry, I can't offer any help about the wet pant leg except to keep a towel
at work.
Susan & Rhoda

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Hello all!

I am wondering about two very minor things. I'm hoping all you fabulous
people will have ideas to help me out.

First, when it is rainy or snowy and therefore wet, my left pant leg gets
very wet and muddy when I'm working Monty.  I haven't noticed this with my
other dogs.  I'm thinking it has something to do with his height, 27 inches,
or his gait.  I am currently using a straight handle and am very satisfied
with it.  Any ideas on how to get to work and still be presentable?   It's
about 8 blocks and a ride isn't an option. 

Second, to the ladies... have you found some sort of purse or bag that you
like that works well for you?  I used to be a purse on the left shoulder
kinda girl, but that doesn't work so well while working a guide dog.  Before
I generally didn't carry a purse or bag, just stuffing keys and money in my
jeans pockets.  Now that I'm working I have to carry a lot more junk.  I'd
really like to find a bag that can be worn as a back pack or diagonal so
that it will be out of the way of holding the harness handle and still leave
my right hand free.   I need something professional looking...maybe leather?
Or perhaps there's some very easy solution that I'm totally missing?  

All ideas welcome!  
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