[nagdu] Trice leaving update.

Lora blindhistory at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 21:02:18 UTC 2009

I tried to send Trice back to Leader Dogs but the airlones told me that the
crate was too big for the plane we (mom and I) were going to send him on.
There is another plane that the airlones suggested so my mom booked that
flight. my mom volunteered to figure out the flight info for me since she
wanted to learn anyways.  I called leader dogs and couldn't get ahold of
them. Almost everyone took this week off and the main line just goes to
voicemail. I finally got ahold of their emergency line after trying for 45
minutes so at least Leader Dogs knows they aren't picking Trice up today. I
didn't know it would be so difficult to try and tell a school that the dog
isn't working out and that the airlines wouldn't take the crate on a certain
plane. Basically taking Trice back to Leader Dogs is a mess. Trice's harness
and blanket along with a few papers went out in the mail today.

The Seeing Eye received my letters of recommendation from my references. Now
an instructor will come out. I am already impressed with how quickly The
Seeing ye responds with letters of recommendation and emails.

Lora and Trice

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