[nagdu] Trice leaving update.

Linda Gwizdak linda.gwizdak at cox.net
Tue Dec 22 01:07:29 UTC 2009

How big is Trice???  The airlines think they're about to transport a 
horse??!  Good grief. (grin!)

I think you will like Seeing Eye.  It's too bad that Leader is acting like a 
little one-man affair with their not being any help in your sending Trice 
back.  I know they've been around for a long time - I have a book about them 
that I found at a bookstall at a dog show in Del Mar, CA - good book and I 
still have it.  Did you know that when the Lions Club started the school, 
they used Dobies?  There's also a picture in the book of a White Shepherd 
guide as well.  Haven't seen any White Shepherds from any school.  The White 
Shepherd is shown via the United Kennel Club and isn't yet recognized by the 
more familiar AKC.  They are identical to the ordinary German Shepherd 
except that they are all white with black nose, eye rims, and lips - not an 

Maybe you might like to wait til after Christmas to send Trice back if you 
can't get her sent now.  I know it isn't fun for you - ben there - done 
that.  I've had to send two dogs back on flights.  I also brought back one 
when I went for  Jacob, who I had before Landon.

Merry Christmas, Happy Channaka, Happy Kwanza - whatever you celebrate! 
And a Happy Neew Year.

Linda and Landon
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>I tried to send Trice back to Leader Dogs but the airlones told me that the
> crate was too big for the plane we (mom and I) were going to send him on.
> There is another plane that the airlones suggested so my mom booked that
> flight. my mom volunteered to figure out the flight info for me since she
> wanted to learn anyways.  I called leader dogs and couldn't get ahold of
> them. Almost everyone took this week off and the main line just goes to
> voicemail. I finally got ahold of their emergency line after trying for 45
> minutes so at least Leader Dogs knows they aren't picking Trice up today. 
> I
> didn't know it would be so difficult to try and tell a school that the dog
> isn't working out and that the airlines wouldn't take the crate on a 
> certain
> plane. Basically taking Trice back to Leader Dogs is a mess. Trice's 
> harness
> and blanket along with a few papers went out in the mail today.
> The Seeing Eye received my letters of recommendation from my references. 
> Now
> an instructor will come out. I am already impressed with how quickly The
> Seeing ye responds with letters of recommendation and emails.
> -- 
> Lora and Trice
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