[nagdu] Prong collars.

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The way I was taught to use clicker training from Fidelco was to actually 
teach a command. You're  correct that clicker training rewards for desirable 
behaviors. My trainer told me to use the "shush" command. When my dog was 
quiet after I said "shush" she got a click and a treat and a "good shush". I 
did this many times a day.  With consistancy, it worked, and she now is as 
quiet as a fieldmouse.  I also use clicker training for the "find" command 
and new behaviors she hasn't learned yet.
Hope and Beignet
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> Hi Hope,
> How would clicker training help with his whining. The way we were taught 
> it at my school was you click when the dog does something desirable. Well, 
> whining is something I want Pascal to stop, so clicking would just 
> encourage him to whine more. I have tried to reward his quiet behavior 
> with food reward, but that doesn't seem to help.
> Deanna
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