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 Ahhhhh the constant whining dog it is a bother i know - I train service dogs for the disabled and we released an ENTIRE litter for this - try  a squirt bottle with half water half vinegar in it  spray twards his mouth if you  can see it  or in that general directin when he wines  he MAY quit the behavior  if that dosent work try the remote citronella collar where you control it when he whines you hit the button and correct him - its just an opinion  but thats what i would try before a prong 



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Hi everyone,
I hope you all are having a very happy holiday season!
I have seen a few people on here who use prong collars, and I am considering one 
for my guide dog. He pulls a lot while we are working, and the gentle leader and 
leash corrections don't seem to work. His whining has not improved either, the 
other night in church he whined the entire time, he does not stop with verbal or 
leash corrections. Do you think a prong collar would help? Any info will be 
greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Deanna and Pascal

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