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My heart ways heavy with the knowledge that you and your dog were ever
denied access at all. Sort of puts things in perspective about the topic at
hand. We should be mounting attacks on those denying access to you my
brother and others like us who depend on our guides and deserve and be
afforded  equal access. Your rights far supersede those of a trainer in this
topic which got heated, and as you said, how infrequently do trainers
actually come up against this in any regard? I am sorry for the
insensitivity of others. 

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Hi every one, Hope you all had a great Christmas. This is my opinion for
whatever it is worth. First of all, I am and owner trainer, and also had the
help of a trainer when training my current guide and my past guides. Both
Nick and I have never had a problem with taking the dogs into public
accommodations.The dogs had on a vest that said "Guide Dog In Training"in
the beginning and a guide dog harness in their later training. My dog has
never been denied access, but I , as a disabled person have.I have
contributed this to the fact that I am in a wheelchair.The bus drivers don't
want to take the time to deal with loading a wheelchair on to the bus. If I
were an ambulatory person with a dog, I would never have the problems I have
with accessing buses.When I am told that the bus is too full to let me
on,they let people that are able to walk, get on the bus, but leave me.Even
If I did not have a dog with me I would have the same problem because of the
wheelchair.In my opinion, if there is a wheelchair bay that is not occupied
by a wheelchair, then there is room for my chair. If the bus has the
wheelchair bays occupied by wheelchairs, then there is no room on that bus
for me.I am turned away when there is a bay that is not occupied. My dog was
once kicked and pushed off the bus,because I allowed her to go up the steps
on to the bus because I was objecting to being denied a ride,when I knew
that there was indeed a wheelchair bay that was open.My dog and I prevented
the bus from moving on. I was trying to stand up for my rights.My dog
suffered for it. But it was me that was being denied, because of the
wheelchair,not because I had the dog. I seriously doubt that trainers have
that many access problems as even in my state of Arizona, there is a local
law that says that dogs in training have the same privileges that dogs
already trained have.I, as a trainer had no problems with access.Now that I
have a fully trained guide dog,I as a disabled person in a wheelchair have a
problem.I do not think the ADA should cover people who are not disabled.Most
states have laws covering dogs in training.If indeed this should pass in
congress,I would continue to have the same problem because of my wheelchair.
If I needed some thing to say I was certified, I would just make a card on
my computer that said certified trainer and no one would even ask me to show
it.Nick made a card for Shaman that says he is a guide dog.No one has ever
asked me to prove he is a guide dog. JMHO  Mardi and Shaman and

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