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Question on the nail clipper- Abby does not like having her nails clipped
but over the past 2 years her vet has gained her trust. I would absolutely
love not paying someone else to do this each month, and do not want to wreck
what we have going trust wise. I will buy this clipper if I can use it-
interested in your thoughts and the way your dog is with nail clipping.
Thanks- and happy exercising!
Cathryn (& Abby)
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Waiting for it to stop raining so I can go exercise.  In the meantime I
thought I'd write my thoughts on some recent purchases of dog products.

from SitStay:
 Softball Tuff Ball, 4 inch                          2.50
Miller's Forge LG Nail Clipper                    15.30
Service Dog Cards, 25 Pack                         6.00

from the Canny collar company website:
1 Canny collar size 4 in black  29.95

My thoughts:
I've never shopped at either of these companies before.  both stores were
easy to navigate with JAWS, products were pretty easy to find and the
descriptions were good.  I had no problems with ordering.  I got email
confirmations of my orders and an update email when the order was shipped.
The Canny collar came from the UK so it took a few days to get here, but
nothing unexpected.  SitStay is only about an hour from where I live so that
got here fast!

Okay on to the stuff!
Monty loves the large size tennis ball.  He's had it for half an hour and
has not demolished it yet.  Translation...this is a durable, well
constructed toy, suitable for hard chewers. Bonus, it doesn't roll under the

I trimmed Belle's nails in about two minutes flat with the new clippers.
They are fabulous!  They cut exactly where you have the blade with no
slipping once you start applying pressure.   I love that the handle is large
enough to comfortably fit my hand, which makes it easier to grip and apply
even pressure.

The ADA information cards are very nicely done.  They are on very heavy
cardstock paper.  When folded in half they are the size of a business card.
They have the basic ADA info with phone number if the business has
questions.  I used to carry around state laws, but they are quite bulky and
get crumpled in my purse.  the cards came in a small ziplock plastic bag,
which should keep them nice.

The Canny collar I am seriously disappointed with.  It is essentially a
buckle collar with additional rings around it with a narrower piece of
webbing threaded through them.  You pull this narrow webbing out, away from
the collar and over the dog's nose.  I'm not describing it very well.  There
are two main problems with this collar.  First there is no way to hold the
nose loop in the correct size.  Monty can get it off in about 2 seconds if I
do not pull on the leash, which holds the nose loop taut.  I don't want that
constant pressure on his nose.  The second major problem is that all the
pull from the leash is directly on the nose loop with no safety mechanism to
stop pulling on the nose to far back and causing neck injury.  When I
purchased the Canny collar I thought that it would tighten both on the neck
and nose, this is not the case.     I have previously used a Gentle Leader
and much prefer it to the Canny collar.

And now it's stopped raining! Yea!  
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