[nagdu] product reviews

Julie J julielj at windstream.net
Wed Sep 1 18:59:38 UTC 2010

Well, Monty could care less about nail clipping, but he is so active that I 
rarely need to trim his nails.  Belle on the other hand, is a bit fidgety 
about her nails.  In her defense I did quick her a few times a few years 

I have found, at least with Belle, that if I let her stand and pick up her 
feet for trimming, much like you would do with a horse, that she is much 
more relaxed.  I have also learned that I need to be fast.  The more I 
fiddle around or second guess what I'm doing, the more nervous she gets.  My 
method is to take off a small amount and trim more frequently.  When she was 
younger I'd trim pretty much every week.  She's about 6.5 now and I suppose 
I trim her nails once a month.

In comparison I had a pair of clippers from PetCo that I bought years ago. 
They worked fine and Belle really didn't act any differently with them. 
They just wore out.  then I bought cheapo clippers from Wal-Mart.  I 
couldn't even get one nail cut with them.  Belle was very nervous.  she 
actually pulled her foot away and ran off.  I think the pressure without 
cutting was uncomfortable.  Or perhaps in an attempt to get the things to 
work I accidentally pulled or twisted her toe?  I don't know.

I also have one of those PediPaws nail grinders.  If your nervous about nail 
clipping, I'd go with one of these.  You'd have to be trying hard to hurt 
the dog.  The only thing to be careful of is that the nails will get hot if 
you grind too long.  It's best to grind for a couple of seconds and move to 
the next nail.  I usually do a few rounds on each foot.  It does take longer 
because of needing to move from nail to nail and back and also because you 
don't take off as much with the grinder as you can with clippers.

Another good thing about the grinder is that the tip of the nail will be 
smooth when your done.  Clippers will leave the nails very sharp.  I will 
often let the dogs run around on the cement patio or take them for a quick 
walk just to let the cement file off the sharp edges.

Some dogs don't like the noise or vibration of the nail grinder.  I had my 
son give tiny bits of hot dog while I introduced the nail grinder.  Belle 
who hates all things with motors was letting me trim her nails after about 
15 minutes and one hot dog.

I hope that gives you some ideas.

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