[nagdu] Dan's manifesto about Florida heat--smile

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And this has to do with guide dogs?

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> Well, I like the cold so, how about getting together when I come and enjoy
> your cold weather for Christmas.
> In January, 2000, I was in New York when you got down to seven degrees, 
> and
> I wasn't complaining, I did make sure to go in to warmer places frequently
> for Evan's sake, Evan being my dog then.
> Only piece of advice for cold is, guys, don't forget your gloves.
> Believe me, if I could be somewhere civilized where it isn't over eighty
> most of the year I would.
> Oh well, as I said, if you like to die of heat be my guest, I would love 
> to
> meet you all and at least living here, I won't have to pay for a plane
> ticket, look forward to seeing you all at the 2011 convention, less than a
> year away.
> .
> And, to keep this at least slightly dog related, none of my dogs have been
> too happy about the heat either.
> All of my pups slowed down when they came down here, but I can tell it's
> from the humidity rather than necessarily calming down.
> Really Florida should have been left to the alligators and native 
> Floridian
> peoples, it's a big swamp.
> Now, Dan, what do you really think?
> Try being in Florida when your air condition broke the way ours did a few
> weeks ago and you'll sing another song--big smile.
> Enough on this subject from me, I know, sorry about my ranting, but it's 
> the
> truth as I see it.  Maybe if  I didn't   guzzle the whole bottle of
> testosterone I wouldn't be as cranky--lol
> Don't worry, moderator, it's the last one, but I thought people might get 
> a
> laugh out of my vehemence anyway.
> Dan and Carter who says "I love Dan, but why did they give a black dog to 
> a
> dude in Florida"?--smile
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