[nagdu] question for the rest of this summer and possible other hotplaces I may go during the year with Maxx

Julie J julielj at windstream.net
Thu Sep 2 21:15:17 UTC 2010


I think this is similar to Wayne's situation with the beach.

I don't think it's appropriate to take a guide dog into a public pool.  The 
dog isn't guiding or providing any assistance to it's handler, it's just 
being a dog and having fun.  So I think I'd follow rules about pets in this 
situation.  Certainly I think it's totally appropriate to take your dog into 
the pool area, just not into the water.

If you are asking if it is legal to take Max into the pool, I don't know. 
My guess is technically yes, but I don't think that is the intention of the 

I have absolutely no idea about health related issues with dogs and chlorine 
pools.  I do know that the public pool here has a dog day the very last day 
the pool is open each season.  I've never taken either of my dogs because I 
think it would be a doggie free for all, no holds barred, and that is just a 
little more excitement than I'm up for. *smile*

Of course all of this is JMO and probably worth about as much as the paper 
it's written on. *smile*

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