[nagdu] Cab drivers in DC pass blind people with guide dogs

Tracy Carcione carcione at access.net
Tue Sep 7 12:25:14 UTC 2010

I don't see how you could keep the company from writing in your file that
you have a dog if you are a regular customer.  I know it's in the records
of the cab company I always use.  Somewhat annoying, but I don't think I
could change that.  But the cab usually comes in a reasonable time, and
that's what I really care about.

If I have to get a cab on the street in New York City, I usually try to
get some sighted person to help me, and stand back pretending I'm not
involved until the sighted person has caught the taxi.  But it's such a
hassle I hardly ever do it.  It may have changed since the last time I
tried, but I doubt it.


> Hello:
> I live in Vancouver Canada and have he same issues. I use the same cab
> company all the time and purposely did this leading up to getting my dog
> so
> that I would have that regular customer status. However once I was waiting
> to go to work and talking to a neighbour with her little dog. She told me
> a
> cab from my company drove by slowly and when the driver saw the dog he
> frowned and drove off. When I called dispatch they had a plausible excuse.
> In my mind that was strike one. I had another driver tell me recently that
> why it often takes me longer to get a cab to go to work is cuz people are
> refusing the trip. I'm sure many on this   list would say I caused my own
> problem because the company has it on file that I have a dog but this is
> partly to not bother me with arguing with someone first hing in the
> morning.anyway, I'll keep seeing how things go. Maybe for fun I'll try
> another cab company for a month and see how that is the same ordifferent.
> Gary

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