[nagdu] Blind Man Says Shop Owner Assaulted Him

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Blind Man Says Shop Owner Assaulted Him
Courthouse News Service

     PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) - A diabetic blind man says a pawnshop
owner beat him up because he refused to leave his guide dog
outside. The blind man, who was wearing dark glasses, claims the
pawnshop owner head-butted him in the face and then "shoved him
across the room into a display counter." 
     In his federal complaint, Matthew Compton says he walked
into Canyon Exchange in Beaverton in May, wearing dark glasses
and being led by Enzo, his 6-year-old Italian Greyhound guide
dog. Enzo wore a bright blue harness that clearly identified him
as a guard dog. Enzo also can sense when Compton is about to have
a diabetic seizure, and will seek help if Compton becomes
     Compton says Michael Vaden, who owns and operates the
pawnshop with Jane Vaden, stopped him from entering. Vaden
demanded that Compton and his girlfriend "get rid of the dog"
because Vaden "did not allow dogs" in his store, according to the
     Compton says he and his girlfriend told Vaden that Enzo is a
service animal, but "Mr. Vaden demanded that they leave the store
and forcibly grabbed Mr. Compton's arm and pulled him toward the
     The complaint continues: "When Mr. Compton resisted, Mr.
Vaden slammed his forehead into Mr. Compton's face and violently
shoved him across the room into a display counter.
     "Mr. Compton and Ms. DeMartelaere were then forced to leave
Canyon Exchange without having completed their business there."
     They were looking for a steam cleaner.
     Compton has been legally blind since both his retinas
detached during a 2004 accident. He has had more than 15
operations, but still is legally blind. He and Enzo went through
2 years of training at the All is Pawsible Service Dog School.
     Compton demands punitive damages for assault and battery and
wants the Vadens and their business enjoined to accommodate
disabled people and their service animals.
     Compton and his girlfriend are represented by Jon Egan of
Lake Oswego. 

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