[nagdu] Italian greyhound guide dog?

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That's actually a pretty intriguing notion...  And it actually makes a fair
amount of sense.  The idea of a tiny guide dog is pretty mind blowing, but
some of little buggers are awfully powerful.  And much easier to fit in some
the places where a poodle does not.  /smile/

Tami Smith-Kinney

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I wonder if some of the smaller breeds might be a good solution for those
who don't take long walks, the folks who go from car to building and back
to car.  Or for elderly people who don't walk very fast and are using
their dogs for short errands, going to church, visiting friends, etc.
Instead of trying to breed slow, non-energetic labs, the schools could be
using a wider variety of breeds for the variety of people they serve.

Not that I expect any of the big schools to try anything like that.  They
tend to stick with the old methods.  Which is OK, but a little inovation
could be interesting.

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