[nagdu] Cab drivers in DC pass blind people with guide dogs

d m gina dmgina at samobile.net
Thu Sep 9 03:28:38 UTC 2010

Dar here
No matter what their religion is, has nothing to do when they say they 
are willing to drive a cab.
We have places to get to, and won't allow anyone to stop us from 
getting to the destination.
We as guide dog owners have fought for years to be allowed to work our dogs.
In public places.
If you decide that oh this person might be having a problem with 
health, I better not take my dog.
I suggest to you
send your dog back.
You do not need to be a dog owner.
You can not ride on both sides of the fence.
This isn't fare to anyone who has worked hard on behalf of getting 
around with a dog.
I use a dog because one of my blindness that will not go away.
This is my choice and I will not back down.
Not for transportation.
I may be a bit harsh, where for this I am glad.
You don't work hard for years to have someone say, because of my 
religion I can't take you and your dog.
What if you were going to a interview.
How would you explain this to your boss, when you are starting to get 
to know each other.
"Oh I had to wait for a cab because the first driver having a religion 
problem didn't want to take me?
Trust me, you might get the first chance but the second time this 
happens you might be fired.
Truly think hard on behalf of why you would wish to leave your dog home 
to protect a person because of religion.
We can't help if folks are with allergies around my dog.
They need to get a different job.
Don't be a cab driver.

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