[nagdu] Cab drivers in DC pass blind people with guide dogs

Jewel S. herekittykat2 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 10:22:58 UTC 2010

So your disability should be accommodated no matter what, but not
other people's disabiliteis, like severe allergies?

On 9/8/10, d m gina <dmgina at samobile.net> wrote:
> Dar here
> No matter what their religion is, has nothing to do when they say they
> are willing to drive a cab.
> We have places to get to, and won't allow anyone to stop us from
> getting to the destination.
> We as guide dog owners have fought for years to be allowed to work our dogs.
> In public places.
> If you decide that oh this person might be having a problem with
> health, I better not take my dog.
> I suggest to you
> send your dog back.
> You do not need to be a dog owner.
> You can not ride on both sides of the fence.
> This isn't fare to anyone who has worked hard on behalf of getting
> around with a dog.
> I use a dog because one of my blindness that will not go away.
> This is my choice and I will not back down.
> Not for transportation.
> I may be a bit harsh, where for this I am glad.
> You don't work hard for years to have someone say, because of my
> religion I can't take you and your dog.
> What if you were going to a interview.
> How would you explain this to your boss, when you are starting to get
> to know each other.
> "Oh I had to wait for a cab because the first driver having a religion
> problem didn't want to take me?
> Trust me, you might get the first chance but the second time this
> happens you might be fired.
> Truly think hard on behalf of why you would wish to leave your dog home
> to protect a person because of religion.
> We can't help if folks are with allergies around my dog.
> They need to get a different job.
> Don't be a cab driver.
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