[nagdu] Cab drivers in DC pass blind people with guide dogs

Jewel S. herekittykat2 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 10:36:59 UTC 2010

I have to politely disagree.  A person with a severe allergy to dogs
has a smuch right to be a taxi driver as a blind person has the right
to be an engineer or plumber.

And if the allergy is a disability, then it is not a possibility of
not having a job based on that allergy. That would be discrimination
under the ADA and a possible lawsuit.

See, what I think I see is that people want their accommodations met,
and don't give a rat's butt if it interferes with the needs of someone
else. If a person can handle a dog nearby for a few moments, but can't
handle the dander on the cab's upholstery for the hours that it will
remain after, why shouldn't they be allowed to refuse based on special
accommodation and provide alternative transportation.

personally, my feeling is that if it is such a major concern, call the
company beforehand and request a driver that isn't allergic. Why hail
a cab off the streets in this day of cell phones? Just call the
company and ask for a cab, and it'll be there in 5 minutes.

If the problem is with a particular company, then don't call that
company, and tell eveyrone you know about the problem you had with
them. The fewer clients, the less likely that company will be around.

Me, if I were told I couldn't ride because of a severe allergy, I'd
say "That's fine, as long as yuo have a second taxi here within 10
minutes. 10 minutes will not make a difference. If it is going to make
a difference between getting on time to an interview or work and being
late, you need to give yourself more time! Ten minutes is not enough

I think we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. I am willing
to "bend over backward" as you call it. I am willing to accommodate
other people's special needs in return for them accommodating mine.
How can we say we want our accommdations met, but not meet the
accommodations of others? Isn't that rather hypocritical?

On 9/9/10, Dan Weiner <dcwein at dcwein.cnc.net> wrote:
> Well, my friend:
> I am going to sound combative, but I am expressing an honestly held opinion,
> an opinion which is not meant in any way to belittle you as I'm sure you're
> a nice person and so on.
> Give me a break, is my opinion.
> I think that a lot of us are really too much in to bending over backwards to
> accommodate, in quotes.
> Malarkey.
> It is necessary for companies, entities to accommodate the presence of a
> service animal because of the special status service dogs, etc. have been
> given in society.  This is the result of long struggle and advocacy.
> We are not the ones to do the accommodating, jeeze.
> I will quote both my sister, who has bad dog and cat allergies, and a doctor
> I spoke to.
> The instance of dog allergies is quite a bit less than sever cat allergies.
> The instances of severe medical consequences from dog dander is actually
> rare.
> Discomfort someone might have is, and frankly should be, none of my concern.
> And now the doctor: he told me that if a dog dander allergy were severe,
> then the person would react to even dander brought in on someone's cloths,
> packages, shoes, etc.  So, where do we draw the line.
> I base a lot of my opinions on the experience with my sister, c, who can't
> have dogs and cats in her house and so on.. She has been a royal burr in my
> rear since I got a dog, but we've had discussions and she's in total
> agreement about the guide dog  access issue.
> What is this, because I have a guide dog I have to spend my whole life
> bending over backwards to be considerate.
>  I don't think so. Now, you are saying,  don't you want to be considerate?
> Yes, but only in the same way I'm considerate to everyone everywhere I go,
> not a special consideration for dumb ass cab drivers who have a thing or an
> imagined thing about dogs.  Boy, that felt good, let it all out Dan--lol.
> My consideration is shown in my brushing my dog, in my keeping him
> well-behaved, etc.
> If these guys would just suck it up and do their job then life would be much
> simpler.
> A severe allergy, as I think I stated so wordily in another
> message--smile--if it is a disability would require a record of such and
> drivers I've talked to don't want that because then it could be a reason for
> them not to have the job in the first place.
> I'm not sure either, Jewel, that that's such an original accommodation, in
> quotes.
> Plenty of drivers in Maryland told me I'd have to have another cab or they
> called dispatch.  The point is it doesn't wash.
> As long as a significant amount of the guide dog using population feels that
> we're walking on eggs and the mere fact of being allowed treatment with
> dignity is such a hardship for the public, the longer this will go on.
> Now, I need my coffee.
> Remember, the only thing I know about you or anyone else here is what you
> say on the list, so please don't take it personally.
> Cordially,
> Dan W. and the big black bear, I mean dog, Carter
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