[nagdu] Cab drivers in DC pass blind people with guide dogs

Dan Weiner dcwein at dcwein.cnc.net
Thu Sep 9 11:01:10 UTC 2010

No, I don't actually give a rat's butt about a cabbie with dog allergies,
ain't my problem.

Now, let's talk turkey, I know, you might say I'm one--smile.
Have allergies ever been considered a disability under the ADA?
As I said, I am not the one to do the accommodating.
It's the employer of the aforementioned cabbie.
And, sticking to reality, something our nFB seems to have problems with, how
many blind people have applied to be plumbers or engineers and have been

Cabbies have told me that there is a question usual asked about a disability
that would impair their driving, or illness or something.  The one guy I
talked to about this said he'd never put it down because then he might be
limited in his money making ability.
So, for him it's money making.  For me, it's the enjoyment of a good or
service, in short, money spending.

A guide dog is a prosthetic device substituting for some  faculties which
sight under normal circumstances would afford us.
As such, the fact of it being a dog is patently irrelevant.

If you're happy with cabbies leaving you somewhere and no guarantee of
another coming for you, then by all means, please keep it up and don't let
me stop you.

What does the law say about this issue? Are allergies or religious mythology
sound reasons for needing accommodation?
That one maybe our legal beagles on the list can answer.

One factor is that, in my experience, this stuff has been used so many times
against me and my guide dog that I'm pretty much unwilling to care for
people who cry wolf.
It isn't my job to determine a legitimate allergy or not.  It is my role in
this equation to be picked up by the cabbie who's assigned to me, to pay and
to leave a tip if I think service merits it.


Dan W.

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