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I have just had some surgery and will be able to answer some questions tomorrow, if anyone has any travel related questions.

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  Hi Kolby,

  Are you coming to Western Washington?

  I've lived in Seattle and Olympia, Washington, for many years, and am 
  familiar with a couple of the Olympia hotels and with Seattle Tacoma 
  International Airport (SEATAC).

  Both Olympia and Seattle are good places to be with a guide dog, and the 
  hotels and  restaurants are welcoming.

  My two cents: there are two two and a half/three-star hotels in Olympia, an 
  Extended Stay (tm) Hotel that welcomes all dogs, and the Governor House, a 
  local, older,  small hotel that sits across the street from Oly's downtown 
  gathering place, Sylvester Park.  Sylvester park is a good place to do 
  obedience, relax on a bench with a latte from Starbucks, and absorb 
  compliments for your dog, and to relieve your dog in a secluded corner 
  during daylight.  The Governor House is in transition these days, but it has 
  been so for a long time, and the staff is still courteous and helpful, and 
  you can get a nice continental breakfast as part of your rate.

  Seattle's main hotels are all downtown, and it would be best to advise the 
  hotel about your dog's needs when making your reservation and checking in, 
  so they can help you find good relieving areas and maybe send someone there 
  with you late at night, just to be safe.

  Seatac has relieving areas for dogs, but they're at the end of a long 
  baggage concourse, unless the location has changed due to remodeling.  When 
  in doubt or traveling to a new airport, I ask for help when checkikng in or 
  from flight staff or at the gate when deplaning.

  I have my seventh guide dog now, and have never had a bad hotel experience, 
  and very, very few awkward moments with airport security staff.

  Cheryl Echevarria, one of our list contributors, is a travel agent.  She'll 
  have excellent tips for you if the rest of us have left anything out.

  Bon voyage.



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