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Hi Sara,
It is nice to meet you and Miguel.  My name is Steve and I am working my 3rd
Black Labrador since 1992 from Leader Dog.  She is great, and was issued at
31 months while my previous 2 were 17 and 22 months working backwards.  We
live in Wisconsin and look forward to some nicer spring like weather as it
was near 60 today/smile!

Steve & Misha

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Hi all,

I joined the list a few days ago but have been quiet as of yet.
My name is Sarah, and I live in the Los Angeles area with my husband and my
first guide, a male yellow lab/golden cross named Miguel.  I got him from
GDB in SR in 2002, so we've been together for almost 9 years.  Miguel will
be 11 in June, and is still working well, though he's recently begun to
develop some sorness in his lower spine.  I've put in my apps for my next
guide, but I require a poodle now for medical reasons, so my wait will be

Commenting on a recent post, I agree that the dogs that are older when
issued are more mature and easier to manage.  Miguel was 22 months old when
he was issued, and he didn't display much in the way of typical puppy
behavior.  He never really tested me much at all, and he was never a chewer,
so much so that I am able to routinely use his leather leash as his tie down
with no problems.

Sarah & Miguel

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