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Hi Tami,

I've only been in LA for 7 years, so I can't compare it to the 1980's.  (I 
moved here from Ohio after college).  But I'd say that LA transportation is 
a bit lacking, at least in my area.  LA is just so spread out, so its very 
hard to get from point A to point B, unless one of those points just happens 
to be near a train station. But I rarely use public transit anyway.  I'm way 
to impatient. I've used the bus a few times when it was just a quick jaunt 
down a street. I live in an area where I can walk to many things, and I 
mostly use taxis or hire drivers to get around elsewhere.

Its nice to see a poodle user on the list.  I'm sure I'll have many 
questions when that time comes.

Sarah & Miguel

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> Welcome, Sarah!  My name is Tami (pronounced Tammy, in case you're using
> JAWS), and I live in Oregon with my nearly 5 year old owner trained poodle
> guide Mitzi.  I spent a number of happy hears of my young adulthood down 
> in
> LA and loved it.  I wouldn't have had so much fun there if I weren't able 
> to
> drive at the time, though.  /grin/  Has public transportation improved 
> much
> since the late 80's?
> Anyway, it's good to see another potential poodle user joining us.  Boy, 
> are
> you in for an adventure!  /evil grin/  We do have another poodle guide 
> user
> from B.C. on the list, so now I can watch how someone else handles some of
> those special poodle qualities.  Or hear someone else say some of those
> things a poodle guide user tends to say without remembering that people 
> with
> sensible dogs like labs and goldens and shepherds no doubt find completely
> nutty. /lol/  I wouldn't trade my poodle for the world, and I love her
> poodly temperament and energy and enthusiasm.  She's a clever, clever 
> guide,
> which I love when we go adventuring.  She has an incredible vocabulary and
> has me totally spoiled with her power of finding things.  She is also very
> busy, very active and requires plenty of running exercise and play to stay
> in balance.  So I like to say that she keeps me fit and young except for
> when she makes me feel old and weary.  /lol/
> Miguel sounds like a great guy.  I love the labbies and goldens, even 
> though
> I've always been a shepherd nut from years before I needed a guide.
> Tami Smith-Kinney
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> Hi all,
> I joined the list a few days ago but have been quiet as of yet.
> My name is Sarah, and I live in the Los Angeles area with my husband and 
> my
> first guide, a male yellow lab/golden cross named Miguel.  I got him from
> GDB in SR in 2002, so we've been together for almost 9 years.  Miguel will
> be 11 in June, and is still working well, though he's recently begun to
> develop some sorness in his lower spine.  I've put in my apps for my next
> guide, but I require a poodle now for medical reasons, so my wait will be
> awhile.
> Commenting on a recent post, I agree that the dogs that are older when
> issued are more mature and easier to manage.  Miguel was 22 months old 
> when
> he was issued, and he didn't display much in the way of typical puppy
> behavior.  He never really tested me much at all, and he was never a 
> chewer,
> so much so that I am able to routinely use his leather leash as his tie 
> down
> with no problems.
> Sarah & Miguel
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