[nagdu] How do any of you deal with small children wanting to touch your guide dog

Diana Dawne drdawne at samobile.net
Fri Apr 8 01:56:09 UTC 2011

Oh dear I should never had read your message because this problem can 
get my blood boiling.   One wants to be kind, but at the same time 
little children can easily stick a finger in an eye or in other ways 
hurt my guide so I am very protective of him.  If someone gets upset 
with me over my attitude I try to calmly ask would it be ok if I stick 
my finger in your child's eye maybe I could be gentle but on the other 
hand you never know.  I have found I get a lot of understanding when I 
explain that Fuller is like my glasses except he is on a leash and just 
as you wouldn't mess with someone's glasses it is equally important not 
to mess with Fuller.  Besides that, Fuller doesn't bite, but if he did 
they have medicines to cure you from what a dog could give you but it 
is me who bites, and they would have no clue how to cure you from what 
you might get from me!  this generally gets laughter and the situation 
is defused.

Bright Blessings,

Diana & that Very Magical and Enchanting Guide Dog Fuller Brush

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