[nagdu] Grave problems with Pilot Dogs program

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Are we sure poodles aren't just curly dobes?  Or is it that dobes are
poodles without curls?  /grin/

Mitzi will follow well, but she makes it clear that this is not the way it
ought to be done.  She is a guide dog; therefore, she should be the one
guiding.  /lol/  Poodles in general seem to want to go ahead and lead the
way, and they're natural pullers, so much so that they can damage their own
tracheas pulling against the collar...  So it's best to use a martingale
harness or something on that order, or else a carefully managed Halti or GL,
especially while they're young and immune to such commands as "heel."  /lol/
I had quite the learning experience just with basic leash training on the
sidewalk, since my lifetime prior dog experience was with BC and Aussie

Ah, well, Mitzi heels now -- even off leash -- but she makes it clear that
it is not her preferred way of doing things...  I think she and Laveau may
be secret soul mates.  /grin/  Wouldn't trade the poodle thing for the
world, except maybe the cost of haircuts.

Tami Smith-Kinney

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I'm Deafblind and my dog needs to be very solid in the "follow" cue.   
I can't communicate in spoken English and signing tactually while  
walking is nearly impossible unless you are going sighted guide so my  
dog is expected to follow whom I designate.

She does not follow random people.  The "follow" cue is like any other  
cue.  If you used their logic then why teach the dog any cue because  
the dog may decide to randomly perform it such as turning left even if  
you haven't told the dog to do so.
What I notice with many dogs is that they like the "follow" cue  
because it is less work to follow someone than to actually guide and  
be focused.  We all like to take the easy rout, dogs included.
I'm very lucky and probably different than most on this list.  My dog  
is a Doberman and she does not enjoy following others.  She hates  
being forced to walk behind someone and not to make the decisions.   
Controlling? yeah, just a bit. :)
But I guess I'll keep her.

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