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I tend to agree with this. Training a dog at a school is very different from 
living and working with a dog fulltime. Also, kennel life is quite different 
from life inside a house.

I know there were things my trainers were very surprised to learn about 
Caroline, once I'd worked her for awhile. For example, she has a habit of 
eliminating on route, if she's fed in the morning. Working stimulates her. 
However, this never happened when she was being trained, because she usually 
had a fair amount of time to run after her morning feed and before her 

Shannon and Caroline
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>I suspect trainers don't know much about a dog's house behavior, because
> they don't see the dog in that setting.  During training, the dogs are in
> a kennel setting.  No beds to lie on, no counters to jump on, no socks to
> chew.  The trainers might take a dog into the house for a bit, if the dog
> is having trouble with kennel life, but I don't think that happens too
> often.  So, unless the raiser mentions something, I don't think they
> really know.
> I'm not sure they would know if a dog could start emptying on route,
> either. It's my understanding that, before going out for training, that
> part of the dog string has a chance to run and play and do their business.
> If I had ten dogs for Ben to run and play with for a while before going
> for a walk, he might get enough stimulation to go before we go.
> Not to make excuses for a trainer not mentioning stuff, but I think there
> are things they just don't know.
> Tracy
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