[nagdu] Bill of Rights statement Concerning Health, Temperment, & Behavior

Diana Dawne drdawne at samobile.net
Tue Apr 19 14:30:37 UTC 2011

Another problem that exists regarding health is that some things I 
think truly slip under the wire and no one is exactly aware of them.  
Now I realize this was not a training situation but let me cite an 
example with Hazel my third dog.

I was never fond of the name Hazel but this dog was charm incarnate.  
She was a good worker and a total delight.  However I began to notice 
she seemed to have good days and bad days.  For six months I took her 
to the vet probably every three weeks.  I was there so often they 
didn't charge me!  I told them this dog was ill and they would examine 
her and felt everything was fine.  It wasn't.  Very suddenly she became 
very ill and died within two weeks and the hospital said that she had 
cancer and they were so sorry they couldn't see a problem.  I think 
they truly didn't see this coming and I wonder if sometimes they just 
don't see a problem in a string of dogs.

Bright Blessings,

Diana & that Very Magical and Enchanting Seeing Eye Fuller Brush

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