[nagdu] Bill of Rights statement Concerning Health, Temperment, & Behavior

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Now we need some of our excellent wordsmiths to include verbiage to the
effect that as consumers of their services, we're the only reason they have
jobs, so they ought to think about being nicer to us.  /lol/

I've come to the conclusion that with owner-training, you definitely need to
start with a pretty advanced specialized skill set, mostly because the only
reason you will have that skill set is because you just love to train
animals.  So wouldn't it be fun to train a guide dog now?  It's never that
simple, of course, but I think that if you've gone beyond just thinking
about it, you probably have done training before because you just like doing
it.  You also need to be really happy about learning new things, because
whatever you thought you knew will turn out to be not nearly enough.  /lol/
Looking back over my own experiences and thinking about the common traits I
see in the owner-trainers who were my mentors and have become friends, the
love of the animal and the joy of learning to communicate with that animal
are unmistakable.  Also, the absolute glee they express when they find out
they need to run out and learn something new in order to deal with a
challenge in the communication process.

So what looks like hard work, patience, diligence, dedication and great and
mysterious knowledge achieved through a lifetime of study is really just us
having fun with our dogs.  Teehee.  I'm joking, of course, but not entirely.
The hard work, patience, blah blah is there and we're consciously using it
to achieve our goal.  It's just that the rewards of meeting each challenge
and learning new ways to communicate while building a lifelong partnership
are so great that, for me at least, it felt like I was just doing what came

Or do I have to go into hiding now because I gave away arcane secrets?

I'm suddenly thinking of all the things my friends and acquaintances do so
well they make it look easy when I couldn't begin to think of how to start
and can only imagine must take a lot of work, which I see them doing all the
time while I can't understand why they would work so hard at it...  I guess
it all depends on what you find joy in doing.

Tami Smith-Kinney

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I have indeed been blessed with wonderful dogs but I think what is 
important to remember is that sometimes these things just happen.  
Don't misunderstand I completely support a bill of rights but my point 
is that no matter how diligently we all may attempt to apply it stuff 
happens.  Unfortunately that happens in the health care industry also 
and when it does it can be a very difficult experience trying to 
explain it to a shattered family.  We just have to cherish the good 
times, try to put in prospective the bad, and make life just as 
wonderful and exciting for our guides and ourselves.

I would just like to take this opportunity to comment how much I admire 
those of you who have owner trained.  I don't believe that is within my 
skill set, but then the schools need to have people like me who need 
them don't they?  laughter.

Bright Blessings,
Diana & that Very Magical and Enchanting Guide Dog Fuller Brush

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