[nagdu] Bill of Rights statement Concerning Health, Temperment, & Behavior

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My guide is fine and never had flea problems nor allergies.

>I've learned to do what is best; not necessarily  what is considered 
>to be popular. This is what I mean. Bernie and I were home less than 
>two weeks from school. Bernie was reacting poorly to bunches of flea 
>bites. His local vet recommended, Comfortess. I spoke to the 
>school's vet about the comfortess. I was informed that I probably 
>applied the flea prevention medicine incorrectly. I decided, I'm oh 
>so not going there with the school this time. The vet told me I'm 
>financially on my own to purchase the Comfortess. So be it.
>My previous guide dogs both had allergies while here in San Diego 
>that they never had while living in New York. Both dogs suffered 
>greatly from what ever is in the flea bite. Both had seasonal 
>allergies. I suffered with them because I didn't know what to do.
>Now, I'm doing what works {using the Comfortess}. It's not popular 
>with Bernie's school. And, I'm not keen on putting poison  into my 
>dog. Until I have a better alternative, I will continue to make 
>Bernie as comfortable as possible. Like I said in a previous 
>posting, make a choice that is based on fact and observation; not 
>emotions and feelings.
>Lisa and Bernie
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>>You are not alone in dealing with health issues which were not 
>>disclosed by the program.  My last program dog came with many 
>>health  issues.  The program knew about them but were very casual 
>>about it.   My previous guide had just died of cancer at age 3 and 
>>I was very  worried about the health of my next dog.  The staff at 
>>the program  where I attended told me that I was confused between 
>>my last dog with  cancer and this dog and that I needed to "stop 
>>looking for problems  when none existed."
>>They said that my second dog "probably had food allergies." and 
>>that  I'd need to "figure that out with my vet."
>>My second dog actually had such horrible allergies to grain that 
>>she could not process the food she was given and therefore didn't 
>>grow properly.
>>I did so much soul searching, and research and worrying over that 
>>dog. Finally I found a diet and a treatment plan which brought 
>>about  a 180 degree change in that dog.  But I can relate to the 
>>worry, and  the self-examining and the "what if's."
>>I think this reason is partly why I owner train.  I don't know if I 
>>could ever trust a program to be honest with me, which is a pretty 
>>sad statement, but it's how I feel.
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