[nagdu] Lisa and All: Bill of Rights

Melissa Green graduate56 at juno.com
Sun Apr 24 00:40:29 UTC 2011

I was told that was denyed by a school because I had changed my mind a 
couple of times.
I think that I should have been applauded for not going to get a dog until I 
was ready.

Melissa Green
When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, 
everybody will respect you

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> Hello, I was told that I didn't know how to leash correct and that was at 
> the home interview after the walk. I wouldn't have known how to leash 
> correct because I had never had a dog before. How much sense does that 
> make? I found out later that an issue had to do with my weight and they 
> felt that I didn't walk enough so needed to build up my endurance. I 
> decided that I wasn't sure what reason they would come up with next so 
> decided to try somewhere else and was given a chande.
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> Lyn,
> Yeah.  Out here on the west coast, I find it easy to get a view of some of
> GDB's stuff because they're so local.  Especially since I live so near the
> Boring campus.  So I get all sorts of myths and legends along with real
> anecdotes and correct information from puppy raisers, consumers, and even
> occasional staff and trainers.  That's if they don't find out I'm a 
> dreaded
> owner-trainer before they make the mistake of talking to me.  /lol/  At
> which point they stop and walk away or tell me just what a horrible thing 
> it
> is that I am doing/have done and then stalk away.  Probalby to give their
> own trainees a bath in case they picked up owner-trainer cooties from 
> Mitzi
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