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Yes when I was at pilot dogs they gave me a dog who needed more 
corrections than the Bible ever offers in any chapter.
I finally said my arm is so sore I will not do this, I was told that I 
didn't know how to handle dogs.
I dropped the leash and went to the head insttructor.
Saying why in hell did you let me come here if I don't know how to handle dogs.
Now either you get me a dog that will work or something to make this 
bitch do her job correctly.
Pam was so shocked she left, and I spoke with Ray where he understood 
what on earth I was saying.
He told Pam that it would be better for me to have a collar on this dog Margo.
You can put all of the collars on a dog you wish, if they still wish to 
be out of line they will.
Trust me I was so mad.
This doesn't happen often, but I wasn't going to be told I didn't know 
how to handle a dog.
This morning in mass, kids were throwing food on the floor.
So not to say a word to the mother, I said no in a very stern voice.
Then I got the gentle leader out and put it on my dog.
His attitude changed, he decided it was good to be good.

Original message:
> Dar,

> My one home interview and Juno walk gave the interviewer some surprises on
> that score.  I did demonstrate what to me seemed an excessive two-handed
> leash correction when she asked for that.  She was not satisfied at all!
> She wanted me really put my all into it.  I was taking a death grip on
> Juno's leash and digging my heels into the ground ready to swing that
> stubborn, two-legged guide dog clear around and throw it if I could when
> something occurred to me.

> I didn't want that in a guide dog.  Why strain my muscles convincing her I
> could handle that strong a dog in case that's what they matched me with when
> that is not the kind of dog I wish to matched with.  So I simply dropped the
> leash and briefly and casually explained my rationale, thinking this would
> save time and energy for everyone...  /lol/  Apparently, this is not what
> she expects from a first time guide dog applicant who is so clearly
> desperate for a guide dog (I only look like an adult; I'm as gushy about
> guide dogs as anyone else).  I guess I'm picky even when over a fluffy
> wonderful thing I desperately want.  Also, I still think that if I don't
> want a hard dog that requires two-handed leash corrections, then it's best
> to just to say so outright.  They can match that dog to someone who will
> appreciate it and for whom it will work well instead of trying to convince
> me that's what's best for me and trying to get me to take that dog home to
> use as a guide dog.  Waste of time, because I'll leave without it if it's
> really going to require that much energy on my part.  And in that case, it's
> also a waste of the time of the person who would be a good match with the
> dog in the first place.

> Anyway, she and didn't have a knock-down drag-out over in the middle of the
> sidewalk, but we did demonstrate to each other that if Juno wants to be
> stubborn about something, I can be stubborn, too.  /lol/  She was correct
> and courteous through the rest of the Juno walk and interview, and didn't
> show signs of anger, but as a pretend guide dog she was obnoxiously sniffy
> all the way back, waiting for me to really put my all into yanking her out
> of the bushes.  Now that I think about it, that aspect of the walk reminds
> me a whole lot of a real guide dog I know and hang out with these days, at
> least when she was a pup.  With pretty much the same results.  I just
> refused to strain my delicate little self to yank and haul on her, choosing
> instead to out-stubborn the little monster until she decided isn't wasn't
> worthwhile to argue anymore and that we might as well be on our way.  Also,
> I got a Halti, so I could gently tug her nose away from the object to which
> she wished to glue it.  That's just what works for me.

> So, I suppose if the matter comes up again in the future, when I will be
> more picky stubborn and have less wish to use my frail and delicate body to
> do battle with a dog over a bush, I will have to prepare in advance for a
> more effective way to communicate that to the interviewer than waiting until
> she/he is sniffing in the bushes pretending to be a guide dog.  /smile/

> Tami Smith-Kinney

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> Do you have to correct hard with your dog, or does verbal correction help
> him.
> Only from time to time do I need to correct hard, if he is interested
> in another dog.
> If he has his manners on, then I can verble correct.

> Original message:
>> Hello, I was told that I didn't know how to leash correct and that was
>> at the home interview after the walk. I wouldn't have known how to
>> leash correct because I had never had a dog before. How much sense does
>> that make? I found out later that an issue had to do with my weight and
>> they felt that I didn't walk enough so needed to build up my endurance.
>> I decided that I wasn't sure what reason they would come up with next
>> so decided to try somewhere else and was given a chande.

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>> Lyn,

>> Yeah.  Out here on the west coast, I find it easy to get a view of some of
>> GDB's stuff because they're so local.  Especially since I live so near the
>> Boring campus.  So I get all sorts of myths and legends along with real
>> anecdotes and correct information from puppy raisers, consumers, and even
>> occasional staff and trainers.  That's if they don't find out I'm a
> dreaded
>> owner-trainer before they make the mistake of talking to me.  /lol/  At
>> which point they stop and walk away or tell me just what a horrible thing
> it
>> is that I am doing/have done and then stalk away.  Probalby to give their
>> own trainees a bath in case they picked up owner-trainer cooties from
> Mitzi
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