[nagdu] Quick question

Tracy Carcione carcione at access.net
Mon Apr 25 14:31:07 UTC 2011

Hi Mark.
I got my first dog, Glade, the summer after my freshman year.  I thought
it would be good to learn the campus first with a cane.  The dog did make
it easier to get around, especially in the winter.  I went to school in
Minnesota, and there were many times when whatever winding path I needed
was not shovelled, but Glade could still find the right path.  If she
couldn't, sometimes she'd just head cross-country to the door we wanted. 
Having the use of a pair of eyes sure can be handy.
I don't remember my friends having any problems with her, or treating me
differently because of her.  I don't remember people playing with her
much, though I do remember dancing with her once or twice at parties. 
Back then, I was pretty strict about following the rules the school gave
me.  But it's probably good to use the rules for a while, before deciding
which ones can be broken and which should be kept.
College dogs have to put up with a lot.  Mine had to work from early
morning till late at night, and handle all kinds of stuff, from class to
parties to bagpipe band, as well as an occasionally stressed kid-owner. 
Glade took it all in stride.  I asked the school for a dog who could
handle anything, and that's what I got.
I wasn't sure about getting a dog, almost up till the time I went to get
her, but, once I had, I never wanted to go back to the pre-dog days.
Good luck, whatever you decide.

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