[nagdu] eating unmentionables was Lisa and All: Bill of Rights

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Our fearsome predator killer yard dogs are desperate to get their teeth on
those squirrels that threaten their borders, and a couple of tasty-looking
kitties that prowl about the edges of the yard...

Unless, apparently, a squirrel or kitty wants to take a break from teasing
the dogs and saunter across the yard from the easement to the front yard.
Then they stop mid-pounce and watch the critter walk between them and on to
the other side of the fence before they go back to trying to capture and
rend it.  The first time I caught on to that one, I realized I was watching
a poofy tail lit by the sun passing right between the mouths of the two dogs
while they watched it, still holding their pre-pounce poses so that they
could leap to the attack.  I nearly fell over and rolled down the hill
laughing when they went back to trying to kill that poofy tailed thing on
the other side of the fence!

We were worried about BB's bringing a chinchilla in because of Daisy.  Turns
out she took the little critter under her protection instantly and is very
stern about making sure Mitzi doesn't put a toe over the line of BB's room
and pose a threat to the chinchilla.  Cracks me up!  Mitzi will stand,
literally, with her front toenails exactly on that line and stretch out her
long neck to peer around the corner of the closet at the chinchilla and
probably make eyes at it.  If she takes a step forward, though, Daisy comes
flying out of nowhere to put a stop to that!  Crazy dogs are fun dogs,
you've got to admit it.  /grin/

Congrats on the taking down and *not* eat of prey to Gracy and pack!

Tami Smith-Kinney

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Apparently my now retired guide, Gracy reads this list and wanted to  
give me something to talk about.  My best friend, (with whom Gracy now  
resides) just emailed to inform me that Gracy, and Bullet, their  
American Staffordshire Terrier, tag-teamed an opossum and killed it.   
They did not eat it, thank the universe.
She has really taken this whole yard dog thing to heart, I guess.

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