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Sheila Leigland sleigland at bresnan.net
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It depends on how much trust and respect you have for your mobility instructor. Mine was opposed to me getting a dog. Fortunately his oppinnion wasn't required for acceptance at my school. It turns out that he was wrong in his assessment. If you want to consult that is up to you. Some oandm,s can be patronizing.

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Hi Mark,
I think you should familurize yourself with the campus before you get a dog 
This is just my oppinion but traveling with a dog is different than 
traveling with a cane. Also if you feel comfident that you know your way 
around, it will make things easier on the dog. Remember the dog is not going 
to know the campus you are, it's going to be your job to teach the dog the 
campus. I don't want to discourage you but the first couple of month with 
your new dog are challenging. I think if you like challenges, the two of you 
will be fine. It will get difficult sometimes just be positive and you and 
your guide dog should be fine, that is  if you decide to get one. Maybe you 
should consolt your mobility instructor to ask him/her what you should do. 
I'm sure you will get lots of advice from the list.  Whatever you do hope it 
works out

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I still don't know if I am going to go get a dog. I know that if I was to go
get a dog I would be able to take care of it and make it work. What I don't
know is would it be more beneficial to spend a year and know the campus cold
before getting the dog, or will the month I will be spending on the campus
this summer with a mobility instructor be sufficient. After that, I will
know the routes I will need on the first day of school but, still won't be
familiar with the entire campus. I basically want to do what's best for the
dog and what will simplify things the most. It is a huge campus covering the
Beacon Hill and government center areas of Boston. I know people feel
strongly both ways.

I wish I could have some data to crunch. If only there was a survey of
people that got there dog before freshmen year, and people that waited and I
could compare some data.



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> If you believe you are ready to get a dog go for it and have a great time

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