[nagdu] UK: Heartbreak' as bitten Newport guide dog must go

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Heartbreak' as bitten Newport guide dog must go
Wednesday 27th April 2011
South Wales Argus, UK 
GRANVILLE Vaughan and guide dog Nadia have been inseparable for
five years - but he must now give her up after she was attacked
by a loose dog. 
Now 66-year-old Mr Vaughan, from Somerton Park, Newport, is
calling for people not to let dogs run loose on the streets, and
for laws on dog ownership and control to be tightened. 
Nadia, a black labrador, was bitten by a Jack Russell terrier on
Cromwell Road, several weeks ago, and has since become wary of
other dogs, unable to focus on the vital job of helping Mr
Vaughan get around. 
She has now been retired by the Guide Dogs Association and Mr
Vaughan must wait to get another dog, a process that can take
several months. 
"It broke my heart when they took her harness away, but she won't
work on it anymore. She's spinning around looking for other dogs,
and could knock me over," 
said Mr Vaughan, who is completely blind due to an hereditary eye
"She was seven earlier this month and had a couple of years left
before retiring. I've had her five-and-a-half years, and she was
my eyes. 
"I try to get out with my cane but it's not so easy. I've hardly
been out recently. I feel like a prisoner here." 
Nadia will be re-homed in Newport, with someone who takes her in
when Mr Vaughan is ill. 
"This is a waste, a real shame, and it shouldn't have happened.
People don't realise what can happen, letting dogs run loose.
It's irresponsible and something should be done," he said. 
Source: http://www.southwalesargus.co.uk


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