[nagdu] Some Perspective on the Policy

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Did you ask your rommate about why this happened? 
Presumably you liked this person enough to share a room. Why did you not ask him or her? 

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Hi, Jenine,
Very well said and during conventions like you've mentioned when I've 
attended, there were less accidents.
What rubbed me the wrong way was when someone would let an accident happpen, 
walk off and not bother to stick with it or clean it up.
I remember during a couple of times in 2005 when my roommate's seeing eye 
dog messed in our room a couple of times and I ended up having to pick up 
the messes twice in one day.
They were number2 messes.
It was either I picked them up to avoiid stepping in them or nd up stepping 
in them.
No Thank you.

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