[nagdu] dogs in harness and ID's

Jennifer Piening pienings at comcast.net
Mon Aug 1 19:19:55 UTC 2011

Greetings!  I'm wondering if there are times when state laws can preempt 
the ADA.  I had a strange experience a couple of months ago.  My 
husband, who has a service dog, and my guide dog and I went to this 
restaurant in Michigan, ironically called the Stray Dog Cafe, and the 
manager approached us and said that Michigan had a new state law 
requiring us to show ID that our dogs are indeed working dogs.  I didn't 
have my ID with me, because I've never been asked to show it, and it 
doesn't fit in a card slot in my wallet. My husband doesn't have one for 
his service dog, and his dog doesn't wear a vest either.  I was kind of 
dumbfounded, and said with surprise that I'd never heard of that 
particular law before, and that I wanted some information explaining the 
law.  The manager didn't have any information available, so we just sort 
of stood there, blocking traffic, and said that we had been to many 
places in Michigan and had never been confronted with this sort of 
treatment. She eventually gave in and let us eat at the restaurant, 
which was over priced and not very good, but anyway...  I'm wondering if 
anybody has heard of such a law. Can states make their own laws that are 
in conflict with those of the ADA?
      I'd also like to know more about the toileting and paw power 
      Thanks for any input and take care.

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