[nagdu] Hostpital and Surgeries

Sean Moore sean.moore at mediacombb.net
Tue Aug 2 02:12:45 UTC 2011

not given general anesthetic?

Oh no, I'd rather be out cold for the whole thing. I haven't been in a 
hostpital for years. No being awake for any of it. Wouldn't like it at all.

But yeah posted the same thing on GDUI why do I get different answers?

Very odd.

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> Sean,
> I had this surgery done almost exactly one year ago.  I chose to leave 
> Monty at home.  Here's how it went for me.  I arrived very early in the 
> morning, maybe 6 a.m., I don't remember exactly.  We stopped at the front 
> desk, then waited in the waiting room for 15 minutes.  Back to a little 
> room for paperwork, then back to the waiting room for maybe 5 minutes.  A 
> nurse came to get me to go up to the surgical floor.  this is where my 
> husband, and presumably Monty if I had taken him, departed my company. 
> More paperwork, preop stuff, started an IV and then I was wheeled into 
> surgery.  I was not given general anesthetic and I was conscious and 
> talking to the surgeon during the last half of the procedure.  I did not 
> experience any pain. the experience wasn't scary, weird or unsettling. 
> After surgery I was taken to my recovery room, where I met up with my 
> husband again.  Recovery was simply a large recliner with excellent 
> chocolate chip cookies and the cutest little cans of Coke.  More 
> paperwork, a trip to the bathroom, snacks stayed put and I was headed 
> home.  I was very unsteady on my feet for the first day.  I did need the 
> assistance of a person to walk with me so I wouldn't tip over. *smile*  I 
> took it very easy for the first couple of days.  I was working Monty for 
> very short walks within a few days.  I was back to work in a week.
> No idea what your surgeon has planned or if this is at all how your 
> experience will be.  I was home by lunch the same day and saw no need to 
> stress Monty by taking him.  For me I believe having him there would have 
> been more stressful for both of us.  He was safe at home with Belle and 
> his toys.
> I hope you find what works for you.  My understanding is that if you 
> choose to take Franklin, he should be able to accompany you throughout the 
> portions of your stay where your family is allowed.
> Julie
> On 8/1/2011 7:10 PM, Sean Moore wrote:
>> I'm going in for a enucleation surgery (Removal of the eye). I'm planning 
>> on having my blind-right eye removed. do to glaucoma.
>> Causing maddening pain and headaches daily.
>> !st. Wondering how to handle Franklin before going in.
>> 2. Can I have him in my recovery room?
>> Some other stuff in my brain but not sure what right now.
>> Oh yeah my parents are planning on coming down for it. Since I know I 
>> won't be walking out of Hostpital possiblae same day.
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