[nagdu] Hostpital and Surgeries

Julie J. julielj at neb.rr.com
Tue Aug 2 01:11:24 UTC 2011


I had this surgery done almost exactly one year ago.  I chose to leave 
Monty at home.  Here's how it went for me.  I arrived very early in the 
morning, maybe 6 a.m., I don't remember exactly.  We stopped at the 
front desk, then waited in the waiting room for 15 minutes.  Back to a 
little room for paperwork, then back to the waiting room for maybe 5 
minutes.  A nurse came to get me to go up to the surgical floor.  this 
is where my husband, and presumably Monty if I had taken him, departed 
my company.   More paperwork, preop stuff, started an IV and then I was 
wheeled into surgery.  I was not given general anesthetic and I was 
conscious and talking to the surgeon during the last half of the 
procedure.  I did not experience any pain. the experience wasn't scary, 
weird or unsettling.  After surgery I was taken to my recovery room, 
where I met up with my husband again.  Recovery was simply a large 
recliner with excellent chocolate chip cookies and the cutest little 
cans of Coke.  More paperwork, a trip to the bathroom, snacks stayed put 
and I was headed home.  I was very unsteady on my feet for the first 
day.  I did need the assistance of a person to walk with me so I 
wouldn't tip over. *smile*  I took it very easy for the first couple of 
days.  I was working Monty for very short walks within a few days.  I 
was back to work in a week.

No idea what your surgeon has planned or if this is at all how your 
experience will be.  I was home by lunch the same day and saw no need to 
stress Monty by taking him.  For me I believe having him there would 
have been more stressful for both of us.  He was safe at home with Belle 
and his toys.

I hope you find what works for you.  My understanding is that if you 
choose to take Franklin, he should be able to accompany you throughout 
the portions of your stay where your family is allowed.


On 8/1/2011 7:10 PM, Sean Moore wrote:
> I'm going in for a enucleation surgery (Removal of the eye). I'm planning on having my blind-right eye removed. do to glaucoma.
> Causing maddening pain and headaches daily.
> !st. Wondering how to handle Franklin before going in.
> 2. Can I have him in my recovery room?
> Some other stuff in my brain but not sure what right now.
> Oh yeah my parents are planning on coming down for it. Since I know I won't be walking out of Hostpital possiblae same day.
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