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I do love hearing someone in charge affirming the position of
owner-trainers. /smile/ Thanks!

And, yes, beeen there done that with the I.D. thing.been As it turned
out, we were going into to one of the tribal casinos around here, and I
had spaced that we were suddenly in a different country. So we got
ourselves through the ID matter with security there, and I got a chance
to be educated on the differences by asking questions, which someone in
HR came down to talk about. She told me that the tribe who owned that
land chose to follow the ADA in hiring and employment even though they
are not required to, which I thought was cool. I do have a new research
project to do before we go past any of the casinos in Oregon or, well,
anywhere on tribal land, regarding how to address my having a guide dog
when I'm under different rules and laws. /smile/

Anyway, my natural snottiness had me just saying no if the notion of
idea came up even in random conversation, and I've learned a lot since
about the rhyme and reason behind the issue, mostly from this list. I
was actually pretty tickled when I went to a local guide dog event and
heard the presenter from a an ADA advocacy center state the same
reasoning as if she's heard from the same people I've learned
from... /smile/

Thanks for clarifying the ACAA about comfort animals. I don't know that
I will ever need to know that, but it is nice to be informed
nonetheless. /smile/


On Tue, 2011-08-02 at 08:19 -0400, Marion Gwizdala wrote: 
> Larry,
>     One important distinction here is the difference between the Americans 
> with Disabilities Act (ADA and the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). Under the 
> ADA disabled individuals accompanied by service animals have the right to 
> access all areas of a public accommodation with their service animals as 
> members of the general public. Under the ACAA, the rules are a little 
> different. Not only does the ACAA permit service animals, it also provides 
> for comfort and emotional support animals.
>     The presentation of documentation is problematic. Although it may 
> resolve a problem you might have quickly, it presents problems to those who 
> have legitimate service animals but no identification. There are several 
> owner trainers on this list and their guide dogs are just as legitimate, 
> under the law, as those trained by a program. By presenting identification, 
> a precedent is set that could create problems for someone who has an 
> owner-trained service dog and no identification. If a place of public 
> accommodation denies access to an owner trainer because of lack of 
> identification, that place of public accommodation opens themselves up to 
> discrimination and the resulting civil and criminal remedies.
>     I feel the best way to handle the issue is to not present identification 
> but to provide education. By presenting identification, one teaches the 
> place of public accommodation that they can ask for such documentation, a 
> fact that is false!
> fraternally yours,
> Marion
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> > Sorry, that was an example of just bad behavior.  I mentioned it because 
> > sometimes folks that do that kind of thing reflect on us.  In that 
> > example, he didn't groom his dog properly and whenI got hHolly and went to 
> > the same restraunt he did, I heard the owner mention that Holly was clean 
> > unlike that other dog that came in!  My real point about IDs is that to 
> > many people are slipping dogs under the radar as service dogs when they 
> > are not.  A story told by a disc jocky in the Ann Arbor area points this 
> > out.  He was flying somewhere and a woman sitting next to him had a 
> > miniture poodle on her lap.  I love those things and when I was a 
> > teenager, I used to breed them.  I went to Pilot precisely because they 
> > bred poodles!  The woman claimed that she needed the woman for emotional 
> > support because she was scared of flying.  Apparently, the plane hit 
> > turbulance and she didn't even reach for the dog.  To all appearances, it 
> > sure seemed like the dog was claimed that way to get out of paying for
> > it to ride underneath.  A couple of weeks after that, on one of the 
> > Detroit tv stations, they showed a article on people doing this sort of 
> > thing.  The article included a segment on things such as buying harnesses, 
> > vests and IDs on the internet!  My daughter has a friend who claims her 
> > dog is a hearing assistant.  She baught a vest for 40 dollars at a store. 
> > The thing is a Jack Russel terrier and I have seen it!  It barely knows 
> > obedience training!
> > Intelligence is always claimed but rarely proven!
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