[nagdu] id's and harnesses

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Well Jennifer, you have to have your ID when you go to the bar or buy a 
fishing license.  I carry them with me in my backpack all of the time!  But 
you are right about regulating the issue to death.  At least in the case of 
guide dogs you can usually see them in action and most folks should know the 
function of the dog after a few minutes anyway.
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> Hi! From the descriptions of the harnesses and looking at the Paw Power 
> Creations website, I am excited to get one of these harnesses.  I'm 
> especially excited to learn that they sell nylon leashes that are similar 
> to leather leashes, since my poodle puppy loves to chew up leather leashes 
> but doesn't touch her nylon leash.  I don't like the nylon leashes sold in 
> the pet stores because they are usually too long. So I'll have to order 
> some of the nylon adjustable leashes.
>      I do not live in Michigan.  I live in a state which borders Michigan, 
> so we visit quite frequently.
>      As for the ID issue... I think that it is invasive to be asked to 
> show an ID.  Talk about drawing attention to yourself.  Also there are 
> times when I don't bring much with me like when I go on walks.  What if I 
> decide to stop in somewhere for a drink or to use the restroom.  How 
> annoying it would be if I had to bring my wallet or a purse to carry the 
> ID in just to show that I have the right to bring my dog into the place.
>      I also was wondering about owner trained dogs, and now I know the 
> answer.  If they were required to get an ID from somewhere, then anybody 
> could get the same ID, which would defeat the purpose, don't you think? 
> How would you determine if the ID was really valid or a fake? It's so easy 
> to make ID cards, and even forge checks (frustrated sigh) with a personal 
> computer that creating an ID would be a walk in the park for people who 
> had the desire to do so. Also how many businesses would really have the 
> man power to follow through with making sure the ID was legitimate?  They 
> would first have to make a copy of the ID, which I personally wouldn't 
> allow them to do just to satisfy their own paranoia. Then they would have 
> to call the school, and somehow verify that an owner trained dog was 
> really a service or a guide dog. People think that if everything is 
> regulated to death that all of the problems will be solved, but if people 
> want to do something badly enough, they'll find a way. meanwhile, all of 
> the regulations end up complicating life for and annoying the average 
> person.
>      Just my opinion. Take care everybody, and thanks for the advice! 
> Jenny
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