[nagdu] Pilot Dogs

Tracy Carcione carcione at access.net
Wed Aug 10 17:41:59 UTC 2011

I see we have some talkative Pilot dog users on list now.  I have heard
some negative things about Pilot, but that info is *way out of date now,
and you guys seem happy.  I'd be real interested to hear about your class
experiences, just as, you know, continuing education for myself.
What was a typical day like?  When did you go out for a workout, and when
did you knock off for the day?  Since I gather Pilot is right in the
middle of town, did you work out of the building itself a lot, instead of
out of a bus or a lounge?  How many people worked together?  How big was
your class?  What kinds of stuff did you work on, like buses, trains,
revolving doors, escalators, etc? And, since you were right in town, did
you go out after-hours?
And all that kind of jazz!
Anyone keep a blog or whatever?

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