[nagdu] filling out a survey on Delta

Sam Hogle smhogle at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 00:56:05 UTC 2011

Hello all. As you know, I had some difficulties when traveling with 
Delta airlines earlier this week. I filled out an on line form about my 
experiense. Most of it was checking boxes, but they had the categories 
of rating I needed to get my point across. Below, I'm putting what I 
wrote in the additional comments section.

I feel that the gate agents and security need to be educated about 
service dogs. The security guard forced me to remove my dog's harness, 
leash, and collar because he did not feel like patting him down. This 
could have posed a danger to my dog, as he could have gotten loose. The 
gate agent tried to force me to sit in a bulk head seat even though I 
told her that the ADA permited me to sit where I chose as long as it 
wasn't an exit rowe. In front of the entire seating area, she said that 
I could either sit there or not fly. This type of treatment makes me 
think twice before booking with Delta in the future, and I hope that 
noone else with a service animal is treated in this manner.

There was enough information in the main part of the survey to cover the 
rest. I'm hoping this gets the point across so we don't have a repeat of 
this situation in the future.
Sam and Seeing Eye Dog Mason

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