[nagdu] Dogs VS. Horses

Tami Kinney tamara.8024 at comcast.net
Tue Aug 16 15:06:52 UTC 2011


Good to hear from you, and I never get tired of your Panda stories or
guide horse and training descriptions. /smile/

It's good to know I'm not the only who has big horse in bed
dreams. /lol/ They fit really conveniently in dream land, don't they?
When I had my last Arabian, whom I still miss dreadfully, people would
tell me about those early miniature horse guides. I would picture a
knee-high Arabian in a harness, spooking and leaping about the way they
do that drives quarter horse fanatics crazy. /lol/ Picturing life in the
city, since  knew I probably wouldn't be able to save my marriage by
then and would be free to move to the urban life again, I couldn't help
thinking that a nice, steady, focused German Shepherd guide would be
much more the thing to have. Or a nice, mellow lab.

So what did I get? A poodle! Why? I read that they're the Arabian horses
of the dog world and that their temperaments are very similar. What do I
have in a guide? A slightly taller than knee high Spur in a black wool
coat. /lol/ And I love it! Well, now that she's grown out of her wild
west rodeo guide phase, where she would buck and rear in your training
harness like a young wild stallion. Oh, yeah. She's just like a young
Arabian horse. Now that she's trained and grown and even experienced,
she's like a trained, mature, experienced Arabian, very much so. She
still startles, then just keeps on going. But she's bomb-proof at the
same time, which is hard to explain to people who see her high-alert
character. That alertness is great, and she's not spacing her job, she's
doing it while she's looking around at everything. I keep thinking that
one of these days I'm going to get back to place where I can get me a
nice, mellow older nag from a sensible, low-key breed... I think that's
what I was shopping for last time, too. /lol/ I'm addicted to those
wild, ancient breeds and their quirks, I guess. Not boring to be around
at all.

Through you, I feel I know Panda... I'm glad she will be around for a
long time, so that I can keep hoping to meet her one day. You, too, of
course! /grin/


On Sun, 2011-08-14 at 15:57 -0400, Ann Edie wrote: 
> Hi, Larry,
> Panda has never gotten on my bed, but then, I never let my guide dogs sleep 
> on the bed either.  I did dream once that my full-sized Arabian horse, 
> Magnat, was curled up at the foot of my bed, just like a big dog.  It was 
> very nice to have him there.
> Cheryl Spencer says that her miniature horse guide, Confetti,  likes to 
> sleep in the walk-through closet.
> When I'm sitting anywhere, like in a meeting, and Panda is standing next to 
> my chair, she does like to take a nap with her chin on my knee.  My dogs 
> always liked to sleep with their chins on my feet.  I think both are for the 
> same reason: they like being close, and by doing this, they will know right 
> away if I decide to get up and go somewhere.
> Best,
> Ann
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> >I saw a special on guide horses and I thaught I saw one on his partners 
> >bed.  Remind anyone of another service animal who thinks the bed belongs to 
> >them?
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