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Marion Gwizdala blind411 at verizon.net
Sun Aug 21 01:46:55 UTC 2011

    One practice I have noticed is that of presenting the agreement at the 
end of training. at this point, the consumer is placed in a very difficult 
situation. Either they sign the agreement or they don't go home with their 
dog. This seems to present a bit of a predicament. I suppose that, if a 
training program were to attempt to enforce the agreement, the consumer 
could argue that it was signed under duress.
    As to the fundamental question of ownership, I have not heard of one 
good argument supporting the practice of the training program retaining 
ownership. Those programs that transfer ownership upon completion of 
training provide just as effective follow-up services as those that retain 
ownership. The assertion that it is meant to prevent abuse seems to imply 
that blind people are more likely to abuse their dogs than sighted people. 
Every jurisdiction has laws to protect animals from abuse, yet training 
programs seem to contend they are better prepared to deal with abuse than 
law enforcement. I am of the opinion that the retention of ownership by the 
training program is paternalistic and custodial.

Fraternally yours,
Marion Gwizdala

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Subject: [nagdu] School contracts

>I aggree Marion.  Unfortunately it sounds like Fidelco in particular likes 
>to enforce that contract more than some other schools.  I have never once 
>got a call or email or anything wanting to come and get my dog!  But Pilot 
>could do so if they chose.  I wonder if some schools do it as a formality 
>and really do help there students like Pilot who will also contribute some 
>to your vet bills and others use the document to hold over past students. 
>Whatever school you attend you should be very familiar with the contract 
>and be able to ask as many questions before signing it.  If they try to 
>hurry through or rush you don't sign!
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