[nagdu] Mobility and Dogs

Larry D. Keeler lkeeler at comcast.net
Sun Aug 21 03:17:02 UTC 2011

The cane and dog thing is sometimes true!  Sometimes people don't use there canes or there heads to figure out how to get around.  I have met a ffew folks who got there dogs because the doctor said they needed them.  I notice that they still get lost and confused.  I use a cane, my head, sometimes am caneless if not crossing major streets and use Holly!  I do all of these things well.  I love using Holly though because we can go so fast!  I think that in Louisiana they should maybe teach cane training in the afternoon for instance, and let you use your dog in the morning and in the evening when you're not doing much.  I really do believe that one should learn cane training first and if it were up to me, it should be a requirement.  I think its susposed to be but I think sometimes the schools are somewhat lax!  At Pilot, we came in Sunday and our trainer made us put our canes away.  Some folks were quite nervous but I was fine!  I thaught they weren't going to train me with a dog because I got around so well!  I have no sight but I remember directions and landmarks well!  
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