[nagdu] Fidelco

Cindy Ray cindyray at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 13:17:19 UTC 2011

OK, for the sake of argument: let's imagine that you have a dog that you are unable to work and it is not yet five years. But these dogs are not tools. For you, they are a friend, a companion. What if you decide you are going to keep it. I wouldn't; some people would. Can they really take the dog back if you have ownership of it? As for if you are using the dog for something other than a guide, how do they determine that, which was my original question anyway? I could see where they might never grant you another. For instance, if I couldn't use the dog anymore and didn't return it; then I reached a place where I could use a dog but needed another one for some reason, I could see them denying me that. But taking the dog back; I don't see how.

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