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Also, what about when you're in the zone where you aren't really sure if you will use your dog as a guide. 
In my situation, I gradually used my dog less and less. One day it was pouring down raining, I'd gotten my daughter ready for us to go, had taken the dog out an ahour before to go park, new I'd need to do it again before we left the house, knew I couldn't have my baby out in that kind of weather while I stood around waiting for the dog to maybe go pee, so I left the dog. And I was surprised at how easy it was, both physically and emotionally. 
Then another time, my husband and I had tickets to see a play. I'd planned to bring the dog, but husband and I were in desperate need of couple time so at the last minute I left the dog home. 
There are several more examples. 
And at that point, I truly didn't know what I was going to do. At what point to go from "using the dog as a guide" to "not using it as a guide"? 

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OK, for the sake of argument: let's imagine that you have a dog that you are unable to work and it is not yet five years. But these dogs are not tools. For you, they are a friend, a companion. What if you decide you are going to keep it. I wouldn't; some people would. Can they really take the dog back if you have ownership of it? As for if you are using the dog for something other than a guide, how do they determine that, which was my original question anyway? I could see where they might never grant you another. For instance, if I couldn't use the dog anymore and didn't return it; then I reached a place where I could use a dog but needed another one for some reason, I could see them denying me that. But taking the dog back; I don't see how.

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