[nagdu] Mobility and Dogs

Sheila Leigland sleigland at bresnan.net
Mon Aug 22 14:34:56 UTC 2011

Tami I can sure relate to the street crossing thing. I once made a call on a yellow light and a relative happened to see the light change and decided to tell me cars were coming and i said I no let me get out of the street. About three months later I found out the lady had called people in my family and told them it was my dog's fault. Boy was I  mad.  I  told them I made a call not realizing the light was about to change and there would have been no way for my dog to know that the light would be changing. That call was mine to make. This kind of stuff makes me crazy and if I didn't know how to stand up for myself or my dog it could be intimidating. Ha ha sometimes it still is but not as much. I figure when people are in my shoes then they have a right to complain but not until then or at least I don't have to make their problems mine.

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