[nagdu] recent earthquakes and our dogs

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If anybody wants to read a way cool book, check out Isaac's Storm. 

It's about a hurricane that devastated Galviston Texas in 1901. The neat thing about the book is that it discusses how technology that was very new at the time was trusted, and how animals were not.  Guess which one was right? 

Excellent book. 

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Hi, all,
With the recent earthquakes that just occured, I do hope everyone is safe 
and well.
Trinidad, Colorado experienced a 5.2 magnitude earthquake on the richter 
schale and sadly, many business were damaged including people losing lots of 
Insurance companies especially if the home or business owner's insurances 
won't pay for replacement of anything.
Since I have renter's insurance, it covers fire, burglary, floods and 
For those who have been impacted, you'alls will be in my thoughts and 
Odie sends his your way as well.
I'm curious if anyone's dog reacted to them when they hit as I also heard 
one occured in Washington DC in Virginia.
Odie actually felt the earquake that happened out in Trinidad, Colorado.
He began pacing back and forth upon not staying in one place.
The last earthquake which happened in Colorado took place two years ago in 
the southern part of Denver, county.
That one was 6.3 on the richter scale.
I definitely felt that one as the apartment complex began to move.
I found what was interesting is that during the earthquake that occured 
yesterday in Trinidad, Colorado, Odie didn't bark or let out a whine, but 
instead, paced everywhere in the apartment.
He definitely felt that one through the ground since he's more sensitive of 
ground vibrations.
He behaved the same way when the May, 2008 tornado happened in Winsor, 
Although it didn't happen right away, he still felt that something was amist 
and danger lurked in the air.
Same or similar situation on June 14, 2009.
Odie felt uncomfortable that whole entire day, even when the tornado siren 
went off four times in an hour every fifteen minutes.
When the March 27, 2008 apartment fire happened in my apartment complex on 
the 2nd floor, Odie immediately reacted and woke me up from a deep sleep 
because of the amount of smoke that engulfed our apartment.
I know many people will agree with me or disagree, but that's fine as we're 
all entitled to comments and opinions as well as views on how each of us 
I was told in science classes long time ago that since animals were on the 
earth way before we came along, they were able to pick up on drastic weather 
changes or any dangerous weather related matters.
I guess it depends on a situation and how animals feel about it.
Each and all of us bond in a certain way with our four-legged furry friends.
It just so happens that Odie and I just have that deep bond and attachment 
along with a strong, powerful connection.
Bibi and retired Odie
the happy spirited bounty labra wolf
because he behaves like a wolf at times
who will be charished in my heart forever 

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