[nagdu] I got yelled at

Sherry Gomes sherriola at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 17:58:32 UTC 2011

I pretty much ignore people now if they yell at me, but I used to smile
sweetly and give them GDB's phone number and tell them to ask for graduate
services and make a complaint.  It always shut them up, because they
realized if I was confident enough of my handling to tell them to whom to
complain, the complaint wouldn't go very far.  LOL.

Also, with your dog's sniffing problem, have you ever tried a halty or
gentle leader with him?  I don't like them myself, but I know tons of
handlers who have great success with them.  With your dog's age, if you've
never used one, it might be hard to get him used to it, but I thought I'd
mention it anyway.


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I got yelled at yesterday for correcting Ben.  He crossed the street fine,
then he took the opportunity to sniff the lightpole, and I yanked his
leash, and some guy said I was very mean.  Well, I could have been wrong,
and Ben could have been stopping for all the people at the curb, but he'd
sniffed every lightpole he was near so far on our walk, so I was probably
right.  I could have tried a verbal correction instead, but Ben usually
laughs at those.  I did give a brief explanation, but we were both zooming
on our separate ways.  Of course, after the guy yelled at me, Ben pulled
over at his usual spot and relieved himself, and was excellent after that,
earning many Good Boys!  But the guy will never know that.  Not that I
especially care, but it was annoying.
I sure wish Ben could always be the dog he is after he's relieved.  Before
he does, he's a sniff monster.  But, if I try to relieve him first thing,
before we set out, he sniffs around a bit, then just stands there.  He
wants the walking to get the old juices flowing.  But it's pretty
aggravating for me, because he wants to walk and sniff until he's gone,
and I just want to walk. I've put up with it for almost 5 years now,
because otherwise Ben is very good, but I sure won't miss it when he

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